PROPERTY RESERVATION CLAUSE (law no. 80335 of 12105/80) :
Furthermore, in accordance with the law of May 12, 1980, the goods delivered remain the property of SCEV COURTILLIER Laurent (until full payment of its price by the buyer. In the event of non-payment for goods delivered, the seller may, without prior notice, demand the return of the goods covered by this retention of title clause.

APPLICATIONS: The customer expressly accepts these terms and conditions of sale. Any derogation must be the subject of a written document signed by both parties.

ORDER: Any order accepted by the seller is considered firm and definitive.

DELIVERY: Our goods travel and are unloaded at the risk of the consignee, who must check their condition on delivery and make any necessary reservations with the carrier in accordance with articles 105 and 106 of the French Commercial Code. In addition, within 3 days of receipt of the transported goods, the customer must notify the carrier, by extra-judicial document or by registered letter, of his justified protest, failing which all recourse against the carrier will be lost.

PAYMENT: Payment must be made in cash, without discount.

LATE INTEREST: Any sum unpaid on its due date will automatically, and without formal notice, generate late interest calculated at the current legal rate. For any payment after the due date, a fixed indemnity of €40 will be applied to cover collection costs. (Art. D. 44’1-5. Twelfth paragraph of I of article L441-6 of the French Commercial Code)

PAYABILITY BEFORE TERM: In the case of invoices paid in instalments, failure to meet a due date will result in immediate payment of the entire debt without formal notice.

PENALTY CLAUSE: In the event of collection by a third party (collection agency, lawyer or bailiff), a penalty calculated at a flat rate of 10% of the total amount due will be payable.

ATTRIBUTION OF JURISDICTION: It is expressly agreed that all disputes arising from the supply of our products must be brought before the Commercial Court of REIMS, even in the event of multiple defendants or an appeal under guarantee.